Business & Leadership Transformation

Transformational consulting for a more conscious world

Businesses are changing fast to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving world. The old constructs of business for pure profit are being challenged by buyers and consumers who are actively looking for organisations who are aligned with their own values.  

Businesses of the future will be very different. Millennial and Generation Z employees demand a more diverse and inclusive working environment. They also seek to work for companies that make a positive impact on society and the planet.

At Good Karma we have assembled the skill-sets necessary to commercially transform your business so that you are ready to lead in your market space whatever the future holds.


For instance, ask us how we can enable you to become a truly diverse and inclusive organisation that is out in front of your peers, or how you can embed sustainability into every aspect of your business and support the new green economy.


Ask Good Karma to help you make the essential ESG business transitions to future proof your business. Remember, every £/$ spent with us creates impact in it's own right and adds to your own social value story.

Conscious Leadership & Team - Mentoring & Training

Research Projects & Customer Insight

Competitor Analysis

Stakeholder Engagement Strategies

Customer and User Experience 

Business Planning & Strategy

We will help you define and communicate a clear purpose that will enable you to deliver measurable and authentic social value. This will help you recruit and retain great staff and very importantly, win more new business.

How Society Benefits From Social Business Transformation

Transformative Consultancy Practice

Good Karma supports individuals & companies to develop best management, marketing, & operational policies & processes

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