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The power of audience identification

Many socially ethical businesses look in wonder at how the big brands can reach their customers with such ease. We all see them speaking to us on multiple devices with an uncanny knowledge about how we have behaved. The truth is that this is much more difficult than it looks. Okay, so let me qualify this. Getting the user experience perfect is very costly and requires a lot of careful management. What is very difficult is really understanding what is working and where your best customers are coming from. This is what marketing people call attribution and it can be a pain in the neck! The good news is that as a socially conscious business you can pretty well get 80% of the benefits of cross channel marketing without some of the difficulties of knowing what happened. That is providing some basics are attended to. Without a shadow of a doubt it is critical to correctly identify your audience and every facet of it. It was Disraeli who said that we are a nation of shop keepers and this is still basically true. A shop keeper knows how to address his/her customers and should know what they want. Social and ethical brands need to ensure that they have a similar granular knowledge. Talk to Good Karma Media - we will help you make the most of your great brand and help you target your precise audience and grow your business.

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