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Who Are Good Karma?

We are a network agency of highly experienced marketing

and business consultants who share a genuine

passion for social change. 

The 2020's is the dawn of a new age of buyer and consumer

consciousness which demands authentic brand intervention

to help solve society's biggest issues.


We help purpose-led brands grow their businesses so that

they can make a bigger social impact through a deep

connectivity with local and global communities.

We are the first and only agency of our type who are also

a registered social enterprise. This means that we redirect

 the majority of our profits to help protect the planet and

accelerate positive social change.

Working with us makes your budget work harder and

adds to your own social impact for no extra cost.

We have an enviable track record of building brand

success through PR, multi-channel marketing, and

transformative consultancy.


Public Relations-Marketing-CONSULTANCY

Talk to us about Big Business Ideas

We aim to raise consciousness at an individual & corporate level for the future well-being of all stakeholders

We help you choose the right direction if you

are travelling the same ethical, sustainable path


PR & Communications

We specialise in building narrative arcs that help our client's amplify their social and sustainability messages.

We pay particular attention to understanding the issues that affect the diverse range of stakeholders that help to define your brand success.

Speak to us about our experience and approach in building a social communications strategy that promotes growth and engagement.

Consultancy Services

We focus on transformative and 

measurable consultancy that improves your commercial brand performance.

The range of services we provide to both multi-national companies and small brands-alike are grounded in an affordable and common sense approach.

Our services include stakeholder mapping, data insight, mystery shopping, competitor analysis, research, proposition development, GDPR advice, prospect targeting and user experience analysis.

Social Value Programmes

It is now necessary for companies to authentically demonstrate a positive impact on society and the planet.


This is now a prerequisite for many buyers and consumers. We believe that sustainability has become the new

byword for good business

Good Karma will design a social value programme that delivers ethically and commercially for your brand.

Audience understanding sits firmly at the centre of our philosophy. We know that keeping your best customers and finding new ones is an essential mission.

We help businesses generate great results because we have the experience to identify and reach highly responsive and specific audience segments.

Talk to us about all of the ways that Good Karma Media can start an effective dialogue for your brand that puts you on a winning path with your target audience.

Marketing Activation

Our social impact is broad, however, we place particular emphasis in two specific areas.

Firstly, the destructive issues created by unemployment. Secondly, the promotion

of innovative solutions that help society address the threat of climate change.


Bring Good Karma to your important mission


Get in touch to learn more about how we can drive your brand forward and help you grow your business. 

Contact us now for an exploratory discussion.

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