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Diversity & Inclusion :-) Ways to become a more conscious business

If you are reading this discussion document we are sure that you have already recognised the incredible value that Conscious Leadership can bring to your organisation. It is even more probable that you have given serious consideration to Diversity & Inclusion at Board level.

You almost certainly have a plan but it is also likely that you may feel overwhelmed about the extent of the ground you have to cover and the deep complexities of the subject matter.

Good Karma is a registered social enterprise focused on the delivery of marketing and communications consultancy, social value programmes, and business transformation. As a social enterprise we are passionate about delivering business transformation that helps to change society for the benefit of everyone. We cannot think of better ways to do this than through our social enterprise lens which means that working with us not only delivers impact in your organisation; it also allows us to deliver even more social value ourselves. A win-win-win situation.

Whatever stage you are at GKM can provide you with high quality consulting, mentoring, and coaching to help your organisation embed best practice and reap the rewards. We are proud to be able to offer a top industry team of consultants with a blend of skills that can stand alone or complement each other as required. If required we can also wrap a full communications package around the advice and coaching we offer to enable you to speak with confidence to all stakeholders about the important action you are taking. These business areas are not sprints, they are marathons that need to be nurtured and supported over time.

We have designed our service so that we can provide you with a strategic partnership approach over the long term which will enable you to maintain a leadership position in these critical areas. Change driving conscious practice is now a business imperative – we want to work with you to deliver excellence and above all a more equal society.

Conscious Leadership Delivers;

  • Visionary, innovative and purpose-driven leadership

  • Value creation for all stakeholders

  • Leadership skills development to mentor, motivate and develop

  • Improved business efficiencies reducing internal communications barriers

  • Enhanced organisational motivation through a shared sense of purpose

  • A leadership style and approach aligned with organisational purpose, which creates trust, diversity, inclusion, authenticity, integrity, and democracy

Diversity & Inclusion Delivers:

  • A policy to address inequality and release latent performance

  • Active reduction in employee turnover and lower recruitment costs

  • An engaged and creative workforce

  • An authentic context to grow and protect your organisational reputation in a conscious world that is demanding higher standards and ethics

  • An enabler to leverage a company's full potential through innovation and diversification

Our Coaching Team

Joolz is a deeply experienced consultant focused on

shaping leaders and shifting cultures to align with the accelerating paradigm of conscious business. She brings a wealth of experience, and is first and foremost a catalyst for change and a facilitator in bringing about new solutions to new challenges. Joolz has delivered support and solutions to organisations such as Clarks, APMG, Ringcentral and Optionis.

Her vision is of a business world where purpose, passion and people are aligned for sustainable profit, lasting legacy and individual fulfilment at work. Joolz is the author of the leadership handbook ‘Enlightened Business’.

Adé has over 20 years experience in human resources and leadership development, spanning the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. He is well versed in cultivating relationships with clients, putting them at ease and inviting them to enter a vulnerable space that facilitates deep understanding and transformation.

Ade is experienced in working with organisations to develop and embed diversity and inclusion into their culture. Ade adopts an integrated framework to D&I, by approaching it from an intrapersonal, interpersonal and institutional perspective.

Atop a decade of consulting experience, Ade has worked in senior HR roles for ITV, CIPD, Liberty Global and was HR Head for The Guardian.

David delivers Conscious Leadership coaching for teams and senior executives. He has held positions in Barclays, Volvo and Britannia Building Society as both a senior executive and strategy consultant. He holds an MBA from Warwick Business School, and is a qualified Chartered Accountant (EY). He is also an ordained UK interfaith minister; which means that he’s committed to holding a safe, heartfelt, and challenging space for all those he works with.

David has journeyed all over the world with the subject matter for over a decade. In his ‘Conscious Leadership Now’ Podcast he interacts with world leaders in the field of Conscious Leadership.

Working with Joolz

Conscious Business and Ways of Working

What does it mean to lead consciously and deliberately in order to deliver social impact? What looks different and what needs to change as a result?

These are questions that every senior leadership team needs to ask as they make good on their commitment to deliver positive social value.

The additional skillset, character and behaviours required of a leadership cohort are fundamentally different today than they were even 3-5 years ago if they are to steer their organizations’ towards a vision of a more equal world and healthier planet. Covid has accelerated the realization that we need leadership to change in order for business to change for good.

Why you need a Leadership Brand

As an individual leader you have your own style of leadership and leader brand. But what about as a team? What are people saying about leadership in your organisation, and does it reflect the socially-minded and responsible ethos that you have embraced? In other words, do people ‘get it’? And if not, what can you be doing to create a leadership brand that consistently creates alignment around a social as well as business agenda?

What it Takes

Firstly, it takes a good long hard look at what your stakeholders expect and need from you as leaders. Horizontal leadership is very different to vertical leadership:

“The one thing I have learned as a CEO is that leadership at various levels is vastly different… As you move up the organisation, the requirements for leading that organisation don’t grow vertically; they grow exponentially.”

Indra Nooyi

Then, what are the core character traits and competencies that you need to be collectively and consistently demonstrating across the entire organisation?

How are you showing up as leaders, what are you deliberately role-modelling and how can you measure the impact this is having?

This is what the Leadership Brand programme does – it forces you to reflect on your collective leadership through the lens of your stakeholders; focus on 3 core behaviours and a statement of intent that together make your leadership manifesto.

The result? Greater focus, more trust in the organisation, an impetus of energy and absolute clarity for all leaders. Too often change programmes focus on the business – not the human shift, and at the end of the day the leaders that have the most impact are human beings at their best.

“To be a great leader – you, first and foremost, have to be a great human being.”

Paul Polman

How we Deliver


Insight into current perceived leadership brand


Stakeholder ‘voices’ - expectations and requirements.

Senior leadership’s role in being a strategy and culture ‘amplifier’.

Leadership 'manifesto' – a statement of intent and a declaration of character and conduct.

Measurement 'framework' and success metrics / methods agreed.


Ensure individual and team accountability through 1:1 coaching to ensure gaps that could undermine the manifesto are addressed.


Review of success metrics and follow-on adjustments as needed

“I’d recommend Joolz to any organisation looking for an experienced and credible consultant who knows how to translate the ethos of ‘people at the heart of business success into results.”

Doug Crawford, CEO Optionis Group

“Through her engaging style and creative approach she took us on a journey to define what was really important to us all. We found both the process and the end result incredibly powerful and valuable.”

Jeremy Hyams, CEO Claims Consortium Group

“I’ve been delighted with the time I’ve spent with Joolz as my Executive Coach. For me she’s found the balance between coach and mentor, has challenged my thinking and helped me with the tools I need to reach my personal goals.”

Louise Newbury-Smith, RVP RingCentral

We offer a tailored proposition for groups in order to ensure simultaneous uptake of the programme across the organisation; better connecting teams with leaders through understanding of a shared experience.

Working with Adé

Ade takes a comprehensive approach to D&I which brings into play all aspects of the discipline.

To fully embed D&I within organisational culture Ade employs an integrated framework, tackling the ‘intrapersonal, interpersonal and institutional dynamics'.

The relationship with 'self' or 'I'

Personal journey

Unlocking Unconscious Bias

Getting clear about your values

Deconstructing vulnerability

Moving from insight to action

The relationship with 'others' or 'we'

Sharing personal journeys



Cultivating Trust


The relationship with the 'organisation' or 'us'

Culture, climate and values

The psychological contract and belonging


Deconstructing the business case

“Adé has taken me through an eye-opening journey where I became aware of my thought patterns and of how to make them less pervasive. All through this journey he has been the perfect coach: he has the rare quality of seeing the good in people in a very sincere, never forced way and even when my reflection was coming to a dead end, he always found the intelligent, relevant and right thing to say that made the discussion move further on a deeper level. Now I see things in a very different way and I feel that the change is still going on after the end of our coaching. I highly recommend Adé for all people who are afraid to show up and be seen!”

Elisabetta Gera, E-Business Manager Nestle

Working with David

Leadership Team Development

The Conscious Leadership Team Development Programme

This programme galvanizes leadership teams, developing their collective Emotional Intelligence, helping them align their Purpose, Values and Leadership Culture in a way which is tailored to their organisational context, delivering outstanding team results.

Benefits include improved trust, open and passionate dialogue on real issues, genuine buy-in around key decisions, removal of unnecessary power struggles and departmental silos, greater collective accountability and commitment to delivering results.

The process draws on a number of tools to clearly highlight how the team members relate to each other—developing their self-awareness to understand their impact on other team members; and how they can make the most of their individual talents and expertise to work together effectively as a team.

Activities include understanding their communication preferences, responses to conflict, how they give and receive constructive feedback, approaches to change, thinking and acting strategically, together with practices to embody conscious leadership in their roles.

Executive Coaching

The Conscious Leadership Executive Coaching Programme

This 1:1 coaching programme is for executive leaders with a hunger to deliver the transformational benefits of Conscious Leadership into their organisations. It attracts executive leaders who feel they have reached the end of their existing coaching runway; and are ready to engage with conscious leadership - taking their Leadership Performance to the next level.

Benefits include executive leaders becoming more effective, more conscious of how they operate, and more self-aware of the impact they are having on their teams, the organisation they lead; and in the world at large.

The Process draws on cutting edge Conscious Leadership research together with innovative experiential practices to 'spark' a step change in the leader’s mindset and behaviours.

It’s a structured and immersive eight-step, 1:1 coaching system for executive leaders, facilitated through a tailored approach to enable effectiveness. This process includes assessing their effectiveness as a leader, and identifying any barriers that affect their ability to influence peers, lead subordinates and positively affect others within the organisation beyond their immediate span of control.

Activities include developing self-awareness and identifying personal leadership issues that are creating obstacles to their leadership growth; and the resulting conscious leadership road map incorporates a variety of tools, resources, books, and practical activities to help them take their Leadership Performance to the next level.

“My organisation has worked with David over several years to help build up a strong and coherent senior team from a group of diverse individuals. We wanted our organisation to be truly driven by our values and to reach agreement on what those should be and how we should manifest them. David's facilitation of this exercise was excellent and really appreciated by the various members of the team.

If you're interested in building a strong and healthy culture in your organisation, based a developing a set of shared values then David is most definitely your man!”

Alan Fraser – CEO YMCA Heart of England

Contact Good Karma Media for a free consultation

Ask for Jo or Dave, we look forward to speaking.

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