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The DNA of Customer Behaviour

A detailed knowledge of the customer journey helps a business to, not only evaluate the effectiveness of its marketing, it also helps it identify areas of improvement which can in turn boost sales and loyalty.

Customer journeys are usually varied and influenced by interactions with a variety of different marketing channels which an organisation utilises. A common one is the organisation’s website – it is often where much of the marketing activity points – be it for awareness-raising or, in the case of an ecommerce site, sales.

Tracking the different journeys a user has taken to get to the site provides useful insights. This tracking helps an organisation to start to group and segment common journeys into user types and build KPIs (key performance indicators) around them. These can be used to measure and improve specific journeys, encourage specific behaviour and ultimately increase conversions.

Why you shouldn’t view things in isolation

Often, organisations use research surveys, as part of the buying process or as a bell weather for brand fitness. The data from these are often viewed in isolation – for example to capture a net promoter score or assess brand familiarity.

There are, however, deeper insights to be gained through integration. At Good Karma Media we like to integrate research data with an organisation’s standard website analytics. This can bring a deeper understanding of the customer and user journeys at play.

By blending customer feedback from surveys with the site’s analytics, you can start to plot brand sentiment or engagement across different user groups and customer journeys. This in turn can help to identify if there are any unique issues relating to a specific user type which need rectifying or developing. We’ve seen this really help an organisation to isolate a problem and dig deeper in order to resolve it.

Assessing sentiment

Similarly, tracking a campaign schedule in relation to research results can also bring insights around sentiment and give much more meaningful data than just basic marketing recall. Yes it’s great if a customer remembers your campaign, but wouldn’t you want to know what they thought of it and more importantly how it influenced them and prompted them in the customer journey?

Marketers evaluate a myriad of different elements through research surveys with their product, channel and brand awareness testing. By linking research to web traffic and segmenting by common user groups, a more detailed picture of customer behaviour can be grasped that much more quickly.

Can we help?

Please give us a call if you seek deeper insights about your true customer journeys or want to look beyond your website marketing metrics.

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