To fulfil our purpose as a social value consultancy we believe that we should do everything in our power to help people on their own ethical, social and conscious journey. How we act at work is a core component of how we all can enact change and become active participants in the solution.

Done Deal

Diversity & Inclusion

We offer practical training to reduce unconscious bias and to improve inclusive awareness in the workplace. There is growing hard evidence that this delivers benefits beyond the compelling need.

You can expect more innovation, staff retention and access to new markets.

Conscious Leadership

The 21st century demands a new type of leader who can demonstrate empathy, and manage their teams in a more holistic way. This places a great burden on managers who may feel conflicted by past experiences and commercial expectations. Our team can help you transform your approach and embrace exciting new management practice.

Portrait of Young Businesswoman

Marketing Advisory

We have decades of experience in working with organisations of all sizes and across all sectors. Helping businesses adopt best practice, benchmarking and researching markets and recommending solutions is in our DNA. If you need help reach out for independent and high quality advice.