Our social impact is broad, however, we place particular emphasis in three specific areas.


First, solutions that address the root causes and destructive problems that are associated with long term unemployment.


Second, the education and promotion of innovative, regenerative and sustainable solutions that will in the next decade help society address the threat of climate change.

Third, the support and expertise that we can provide to support non-profit organisations to help them grow their community impact.

Some examples below.

Chain Reaction

High Fives

This programme is an innovative solution which creates a win-win-win scenario for business organisations, causes, and our social enterprise.


We transform a corporate's BAU budgeted spend into added value through the provision of measurable social impact with their chosen cause. This creates totally authentic narrative from the social impact delivered for the benefit of both charity and their sponsor. All at no additional cost.

Long Term Unemployment

Through work with a number of our clients we have been able to redirect energy to help Mapis CIC attract more funding and understand their social impact. Mapis is an amazing community interest company who help people who have been caught in the long term unemployment trap get back into full time employment.

Business Meeting

Local Food Poverty

Volunteers Packing Food

We have been engaged with a number of local non-profit organisations including, most recently, LoveWorks, who are a food bank and community support organisation. We are helping them raise their profile and attract support and volunteers.

Regenerative Farming

We are just beginning to work with a non-profit organisation which helps British farmers understand their carbon footprint and helps them measure and plan for a more sustainable future. We are helping them with their reporting and information presentation processes to help accelerate their progress.

Hands in the Soil

Our ambition is to deliver an entirely free marketing and communications resource that can support non-profit organisations who might otherwise be unable to afford professional services. We look forward to helping these organisations grow and increase their social impact for the greater good.