Meet our fantastic team

We are proud of our passion & deep subject matter experience

"With careful thought and planning there is a compelling commercial space where profit and consciousness co-exist."

Managing Partner Dave has spent 35 years working in the corporate advertising and marketing space. Now he is committed to helping organisations adapt to the new social and environmental challenges that face every sector. A rewarding journey worth taking.


Dave can't resist a rugby match and is a long suffering Palace supporter for his sins.

Managing Partner Jo worked in marketing and consulting for 15+ years before entering the Social Enterprise space in 2009. He has been a passionate advocate of the sector and believes Social Enterprises offer their clients sustainable, tangible and ever-increasing value as they scale.


If you want to find Jo on a Saturday night look no further than to the front of the stage. Jo is usually the lead vocalist!

Caroline is our photography director and is responsible for all post-production and digital graphics. Cal is an experienced creative who is highly tenacious and will never let a problem get the better of her.


As you may have guessed Cal probably loves her dog more than her job but you wouldn't know it would you?

Craig is definitely Mr Cool, and he needs to be. Craig manages our experiential, display and event gigs. He is a safe and highly capable pair of hands who always gives 100% to every client event. Craig is guaranteed to go the extra mile to ensure that all concerned get the best possible experience.


It will come as no surprise to hear he is a karoke ace!

Stuart is our lead PR guru.

Howard heads up all of our analytics and data science projects.

David is one of our lead consultants who specialises in helping leaders and teams transform their organisations to be more conscious.

Mata has 20 years of experience in entertainment media. He is an award-winning game developer, writer, and acclaimed public speaker, as well as an academic researcher in video game/narrative design.

He creates games, consults for us on narrative design, and is the Professor Of Creative And Entertainment Games at Breda University of Applied Sciences.

Dom is one of the most accomplished consultants in the social impact space with experience at practically every level of the discipline and through all channels. Dom is our lead consultant responsible for helping our clients create social value that is commercially meaningful for their business.

Jonathan, or Nod as we know him, is a master of online branding and heads up our web projects as creative director. 

He is a passionate man of faith who has been a pioneer for Youth programmes within the Catholic Church.

You will remember him when you meet him because he is always smiling!

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