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Many of the most important community organisations cannot afford access to high quality advice to help them grow their impact or in some cases simply to raise their own profile in order to attract the critical support they need to make a difference.


We have designed a simple, innovative and cost effective Marketing Consultancy Programme to enable your brand to actively support the social enterprise sector. On your behalf we will deliver social value to organisations that most need your help and develop strong social narrative that can be used in your stakeholder communications.


This programme helps you deliver affordable lasting change that will help ensure the sustainability of the services being provided.

Planting Trees

How it works

Your company sponsors Good Karma to deliver free expert advice and support to community organisations of your choice.


Our advice is delivered through monthly online sessions with additional supporting activity conducted offline. Sponsorship starts from just half a day per month.

All sessions have the simple objective

'to help grow the delivery of high quality social impact'.

What can be delivered

​Advice and support to help deal with many of the barriers that face entrepreneurs in the social sphere as they seek to establish and grow their social value delivery.

  • Branding and identity advice

  • Website content development

  • Digital campaign optimisation

  • Supporter communications strategy

  • Fundraising ideation

  • Business and growth planning

  • GDPR and data protection support

Volunteers Serving Food

Programme benefits

Corporate Sponsor

  • Brand social value narrative

  • Enhanced social value delivery

  • Brand reputational enhancement

  • Long term impact

  • Knowledge transfer where it is most needed

  • Empowerment of others



  • Professional free funded advice

  • Productivity and impact gains

  • Growth potential

  • Ability to focus on the core issues



  • Practical support for the social enterprise and non-profit sector

  • Awareness and productivity gains to enable even more high quality delivery to be delivered by our community heros

Limited Spaces for 2023
Apply now and find out how you can support the
causes that matter to you.

Email: jo or
Telephone: 01737 448018
To find out more about Good Karma Media 

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