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The concept of social value is evolving and expanding fast.

The familiar notion of CSR is being reinvented and is being replaced by sustainable strategic programmes that are designed to deliver for all stakeholders for the long term.

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Social Value Ideation

We have operated in the social enterprise and third sector space for over a decade delivering strong connectivity and networks. This gives us a unique perspective of the social impact sector. 

For clients we can create amazing partnerships that will resonate with all of the communities you seek to serve.

Programme Development

We support the intelligent development of social value strategies that are embodied in the culture of a business and are designed to deliver for all stakeholders.


We believe that brands should wear their social value credentials with pride but only if these are noble and authentic. 

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Impact Measurement

Quite simply;

'What gets measured, gets done'

Wherever you are on your journey we can advise, measure and communicate what matters most to your investors, shareholders, employees and customers.

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